Gallup poll: Ron Paul in 3rd place at 13%, Michele Bachmann in 4th at 10%

Ron Paul has a solid grip on 3rd place nationally while Michele Bachmann has slipped since winning the Ames straw poll on August 13th. 

Gallup poll:

  1. Rick Perry – 29%
  2. Mitt Romney – 17%
  3. Ron Paul – 13%
  4. Michele Bachmann – 10%
  5. Hermain Cain – 4%
  6. Newt Gingrich – 4%
  7. Rick Santorum– 3%
  8. Jon Huntsman – 1%

Source: Gallup

Gallup: Ron Paul in Top 3

 The three frontrunners according to Gallup are now Rick Perry with 29%, Mitt Romney with 17% and Ron Paul with 13%.

There are two major stories here. First, Republican primary voters are so dissatisfied with the establishment candidate choices that someone like Perry is able to swoop in and take the lead from Romney almost immediately.

Second–and most important–unlike Perry or Romney, Ron Paul’s solid support remains unshakeable and continues to grow far beyond establishment expectations.

Read more:

Ron Paul Steady, Michele Bachmann Down in New GOP Gallup Poll

Less noticed in the new 2012 presidential poll that pegs Texas Gov. Rick Perry in first place among announced GOP candidates, surging over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, is fresh evidence that Rep. Michele Bachmann’s popularity may be slipping, while Rep. Ron Paul’s may be growing—or at least holding steady.

The Gallup poll, released Wednesday afternoon, validates the emerging narratives that Bachmann may have been a flavor of the month, and Paul may have staying power in the campaign. The two have flip-flopped since the same poll last month: Bachmann’s score slipped 3 points to 10 percent, while Paul’s grew 3 points to 13 percent.

Read more: U.S.News & World Report


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